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Urban art tour

The vivacious nature of Brazil translates naturally into vivid colors that paint the walls of São Paulo with each day that goes by. With a wide range of themes that tend to contain sentimentalism, general Brazilian culture as well as social protest, the graffiti artists in São Paulo work arduously, day and night, and have come to be known in the entire world. This tour will take you through the highlights and hidden jewels of the urban art style, so pleasantly widespread in our beloved city.

The bohemian neighborhood of Vila Madalena is one of such places of intense concentration of urban art, and it might as well be one of the most memorable graffiti collections that has ever existed. Come see this place where the Brazilian colors bring the otherwise mundane buildings to life! Visit the Batman alleyway where the traditional architectural foundations of an old São Paulo have met with modern, freestyle graffiti to create an astoundingly beautiful, one-of-a-kind scenario!

Among the many talented hands that work the walls of the big metropolis of São Paulo, a few have managed to reach the very top. It is such iconic works that have brought the style to fame, and might be the most memorable and awe-inducing on your tour! Prodigy artists such as Eduardo Kobra have managed to give a new face to urban art itself, then left the mark of their style on the many buildings of São Paulo, which is worthy of pride and gratitude from all the inhabitants of this increasingly beautiful city.

If you would like to learn more of these artistic beauties in our urban space, and under the caring and talented lens of a photographer that went on one of our tours, please consider visiting Martijn Smitt’s gallery at: