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This tour is a favorite among our customers! It is ideal for first-timers, as it provides a more generalistic view of the big São Paulo. The comprehensiveness of the itinerary and its flexibility, however, will vary between the 3-hour tour and the 5-hour tour. The 3-hour option is inherently more express, containing shorter stops and quicker though still clarifying and enjoyable explanations. 

Tour itineraries

As such, our recommended routes generally include: An overview of the historic center of the city, going through the Cathedral, which is the main Catholic church of the entire metropolis; the foundation site of São Paulo, established on a Jesuitic school courtyard; the most elegant opera house of the city: The Municipal Theatre; the Japanese neighborhood; the famous Municipal Market; Ibirapuera Park, which is the Central Park of São Paulo; the monument of Bandeiras in memory of the pioneers; Paulista Avenue; the luxurious Jardins neighborhood; and the Nossa Senhora do Brasil church. 

Complete experience

Alternatively, a 5-hour tour is more suitable for those who would like a more thorough and complex experience of the city, while also being ideal for shopping and stopping for meals, offering more freedom to the passengers without having to miss out on anything that the city has to offer. The most sought additional locations for the longer tour are the Museum of Contemporary Art, which offers from its rooftop one of the most awe-inducing views of São Paulo, and the bohemian Vila Madalena neighborhood, where the nightlife shines at its brightest, manifesting artistically in its urban space in exceptional fashion.