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Museums tour

São Paulo has historically taken upon itself to be not just an important economic center in Brazil, but rich in culture, art and the preservation of history. It is only natural for such a pivotal city to provide for its inhabitants in all possible manners, and the astounding collection of museums that reside here is proof that the city has cared for both history and art with excellence. This tour will guide you through two museums of your choice, and aside from being given the chance to witness the best in cultural experiences that the city can offer, you will be provided with insightful commentary from our professional guides on the contents of each museum. Come unveil the wonders of history and art, foreign or national, in its most concentrated and diverse form!

Brazil is a country that went through many intricate changes in its history before reaching the current state, from Portuguese colony, to an independent empire and eventually the current republic. This process has left several cultural marks and each transition has left behind several registers of its characteristics. The museums of São Paulo hold many of the essential pieces that help in putting together the trajectory of the country through time, and you get to experience and understand each one firsthand.

Aside from being a learning experience, it is certain that the items from these quality museums will be very pleasing to the eyes of the observers. See the many artistic tendencies that Brazil has gone through in history and the ongoing ones in the modern era. If you are interested in witnessing the international customs as well as the Brazilian ones, and in a quite outstanding fashion, then the MASP museum would most likely be one of the options that are ideal for you!

Available museums: MASP, Pinacoteca, MAM, MAC, Soccer Museum, Sacred Art Museum, Afro-Brasil Museum, Immigration Museum, A Casa das Rosas, Latin American Memorial, Tomie Ohtake Institute