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Guarujá beach tour

Switch it all up! Take a break from the big metropolis and spend a relaxing day at the white beaches of Guarujá. Being only one hour away from São Paulo, the city of Guarujá offers a quick refuge to those who would rather spend their time on the calmest of tropical experiences. Listen to the waves crash at the shore and watch the sunset on the horizon over the sea, as we guide you through one of the best seaside cities that the country has to offer!

Culinary excellence at Guarujá: If you were to ask any of our tour guides: “What other specialties can I get from Guarujá, aside from the beach experience?” We are sure not a single one of them would fail to mention its amazing affinity towards many great cuisines. We are sure that among all our many known recommendations, you are bound to find one fully suitable to your tastes!

Seaside beauty at its best: If you’ve caught yourself daydreaming on your way to Brazil, thinking of white beaches, palm trees and the dazzling back and forth of the sea, then Guarujá won’t let your imagination down! You’ll meet gorgeous and pleasant beaches such as Pernambuco, Tombo, Enseada and Pitangueiras, as well as the beautiful sight of the Maluf Hill! We will take you on a stunning panoramical trip along the entire shore and let you pick your very own spot to relax and enjoy all of these tropical marvels in your own manner, and with ample time to do so! Rest assured, for the residents of this city know how to treat their visitors very well!