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Embu das artes tour

If you are an art enthusiast, or if you just have a strong curiosity in that field, then you won’t regret booking an Embu das Artes tour! The very small town of Embu might fool you at first glance, regarding the wonders that it holds. If you are willing to take a closer look, however, you will find that this humble and historical place just 30 minutes away from São Paulo holds treasures you wouldn’t find absolutely anywhere else. Handmade, top quality art in its many shapes and forms, and all with a traditional touch of Brazilian culture. The 4 hours of touring through the famed Brazilian City of Art will provide you with a density of art and culture unlike any other place in São Paulo. The many galleries and the occasional street fair of art are sought by our art-loving customers, as well as the presence of a professional Personal Tour guide to make their visit that much more fulfilling! Come see this unique, fascinating place where history meets artistry and style!

This tour option is artisical to its core, and recommended for enthusiasts as a means to see and possibly obtain many of the different types and styles of art in Brazil as a whole. The following is a short description of what you can expect:

If you want to buy art…

Then you’ve certainly chosen the right destination. You will be met with an endless array of options in different styles, colors, materials as well as prices! The products of Embu tend to have an alluring cost-benefit factor, as has been reported by its appreciators from all around the world. Don’t miss the opportunity of taking part in that experience yourself, and take home an iconical, high-quality representative of original Brazilian art!

If you’d rather just do sightseeing…

Then exploring each of the open, free to visit galleries in the town, as well as the very old monastery-turned-museum is sure to hit the spot for you! You’d hardly find more diversity anywhere else in the country, and you will find that every step you take and every corner you look at has a completely new surprise waiting for you!

If you are being dragged into this by your companions…

After many decades in this industry, we just don’t pretend that doesn’t happen… though putting jokes aside, be it for companions and enthusiasts alike, an extra factor to explore in Embu is its culinary prowess. Aware of the importance of having a good reception for its visitors, the small town of Art has turned towards the art of cooking as well! You won’t regret stopping to taste one of its many typical dishes, which is surely considered an inspiring experience in of itself!