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Architecture tour

This tour cruises through the architecture of the Brazil long left in the past, all the way to the most modern tendencies in the current age, and it is the astonishing works of brilliant minds, both national and foreign that will carve the most special memories for you. If you have an affinity for architecture, we won’t let you down, for it is not an exaggeration to state that several geniuses of their respective areas have elected to erect their masterpieces in our beloved São Paulo!

São Paulo has attracted people from all over the world throughout its 464 years of existence. It becomes clear in cruising through the big metropolis that the many styles and eras of the world have left several hints of its presence on our architecture, which has certainly become one of our greatest points of pride.

You will find along the tour that the modern architectural art blooms intensely in the reaches of São Paulo. Several of the foundations here constructed can be considered revolutionary in their own categories, and will be very pleasing to the eyes of those who seek the more “outside of the box” styles that escape the general tendencies and patterns. That factor does not exclude, however, the equally strong presence of classic, typical architectural tropes that the city has historically and continuously acquired.

Some of the prime examples of our astounding foundations are: the old Municipal Theatre at the Ramos de Azevedo plaza, the works of Oscar Niemeyer in the Ibirapuera Park and around the city, the Copan building, the Unique hotel, the Municipal Market and the MASP building, all of which is present in our tour, planned and guided by the best professionals in the market.