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Campos do Jordão tour

At 1628 meters of altitude, Campos do Jordão is the highest municipality in the country. And together with the typical climate of Serra da Mantiqueira, the characteristic charm of the city makes it affectionately nicknamed as “Brazilian Switzerland”.

Tourism in Campos do Jordão manages to mix everything and a little: gastronomic experiences, adventure tours, historical attractions, places to relax and admire the views of the mountains and seasonal programs, such as the famous Winter Festival.
Considered as the most charming town in the Serra da Mantiqueira, Campos do Jordão is famous for its streets with half-timbered and alpine-style architecture, plane trees and flowerbeds.

And as the most popular winter destination in the country, there is a lot to do in Campos do Jordão: taste a good fondue in the various restaurants and bistros, stay in cozy hotels and inns and enjoy walks with incredible views of the Serra da Mantiqueira mountains.