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Our most popular tour option:

The private and personalized Layover São Paulo City Tour, as offered by our uniquely talented guides at Personal Tour, is the ideal option for travelers that have a significant gap in between flights at the Guarulhos Airport. This tour already includes transferring fees to and from the Guarulhos Airport, and has a total duration of approximately 6 hours (may marginally vary with traffic conditions), with 4 hours of touring in the metropolis itself. You may book this tour option and finish it at the Guarulhos or Congonhas airports, or you may use the additional transferring time to do even more touring and get dropped off at a hotel or location of choice in São Paulo!

São Paulo Layover Tour

Our Newest Adventurous Tour Option: Guided Hike Through a Preserved Rainforest Park!

This tour has long been requested by our more adventurous customers, and we have established the means the consistently provide it! The passengers are to go on a guided trail walk through the Jaraguá Park, one of the few places in São Paulo that offer a unique, breath-taking experience of preserved Brazilian rainforest in its many alluring qualities. The Jaraguá peak is the highest natural landmark within the premises of São Paulo, and the Jaraguá Park was created in order to provide tourists and adventurers of any kind with safe means to explore it. You will have the chance to encounter countless examples of our typical plants and animals, in an environment where wild life is allowed to live in harmony with the nature enthusiasts that will traverse the trails in the park every day.

It must be noted that this tour includes a long walk through reasonably uneven terrain, with constant changes in elevation throughout the trail.

Meet and browse through the beautiful artistic works in our urban space, captured under the talented and caring lens of Martijn Smitt, a Dutch photographer and one of our clients, who had the generosity of sharing his great pictures that did a wonderful job of capturing the general atmosphere of our Urban Art Tour! Please consider visiting his full gallery by clicking on the button below:

Individually or in groups, Our professional and likable guides will grant you a unique and unforgettable experience

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We offer a wide variety of options regarding transportation and the tour itself, including airport transfer, in and out, as well as the vehicles suitable for your needs, which includes cars, vans, micro-bus, and bus.

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The proficiency of our guides and designated translators with language and communication has long been tested, proved and praised throughout our many years of experience in tourism in order to become one of the very best touristic service providers of São Paulo. It is because of that complete confidence in our competent workers that Personal Tour reaches out towards the very sought and important field of service that is the translation, in all its forms.